Prada Cahier Stitched Nappa Leather Bag, Prada


Thinking fashion since 1913, Prada was founded in Milan by Mario Prada. We all know that Prada makes some of the world’s most luxurious handbags and wallets. Prada is known to be a trendsetter for its unique designs. The Prada nylon bags, although very simple looking, have been a massive commercial success.

Over the past ten years, vintage designer handbags have increased in value more than homes or automobiles. If it's the true thing, a vintage Prada bag may be a great investment. Prada bags, whether they are vintage, pre-owned, or brand-new, come with a premium price tag because of the craftsmanship that goes into making them. A price that seems too good to be true is maybe the most obvious sign that a Prada bag is fake. However, not all fakes are offered at discount prices, and without a detailed examination, it's not always simple to tell the differences. 

The devil might wear Prada… but is it real? Despite how widespread counterfeiting has grown, it is easy to tell the difference between real and fake handbags.


Inspect the Logo

Prada Symbole Jacquard Fabric Micro Bag, Prada


Verify that all the logos on the bag are in the same font and the letter ‘R’ and ‘A’ are correct in all instances

The inverted triangle logo, which is distinctive to Prada bags, makes them simple to spot. On the plaque, the fonts and letters — inside, outside and on the dust bag — should be the same colour. Additionally, the colour of the bag itself should match the backdrop colour of the plague. No matter how large or small the bag, the plaque will be perfectly readable. If the plaque is not properly attached and completely straight, it is a fake.

The plaque should also have three lines of text reading:

Dal 1913

A genuine Prada bag should have every logo's right leg of the 'R' curving slightly upward. You've got a fake on your hands if the letter 'R' has a straight leg like the letter 'R' in the alphabet. Other than that, a real Prada bag will have a tiny space between the letters "R" and "A." A genuine Prada bag features a little cap on the A and the right leg goes just over the top. If you're unsure, compare the logo on your bag to the one on the internet,  you'll be able to recognise the difference immediately.


Examine the interior plaque


Saffiano Leather Shoulder Bag, Prada


A Prada bag's plaque should fit or match the internal lining in terms of colour. The plaque, for instance, a cream-colored interior, the plaque could be cream or a shade darker. Additionally, the plaque should be rectangular, unlike the plaque on the outside. A plaque with four rounded edges that is firmly attached to a genuine Prada bag will be displayed.  It is not a genuine Prada bag if there is no interior logo plaque at all. Lastly, the interior plaque of fake bags frequently has "Milan" instead of "Milano," which is a typical error.


Take a Look at the Hardware


Prada Galleria Saffiano Leather Micro Bag, Prada


 Make sure the hardware is either all gold or all silver by comparing it all. Prada's hardware is made exclusively from fine gold and silver. Verify that all of the hardware, including the zippers, clasps, and feet, are one colour since they will never mix colours on a bag. A bag is fake if it has hardware that is neither silver nor gold, or if it has a mixture of the two.



Prada BL 0095 Canapa Saffiano Corda, Amaze


The zipper of a genuine Prada bag should to work smoothly. There won't be any catches, snags, or damaged zipper parts. The only exception is if you're purchasing a second-hand bag, in which case the previous owner may have damaged the zipper.


Only five zipper manufacturers are used by Prada: Lampo, Ykk, Opti, Riri, and Ipi. On the zipper's back, one of these names will be etched. Make sure the spelling is accurate since fake bags frequently misspell these names—even by just one letter.


Look at the Lining


Medium Tote Bag Red Tessuto Nylon Red Nappa Leather Gold, Amaze


Even the lining of a Prada bag has the best quality. Either leather or embossed jacquard fabric is used to produce it. The Prada logo is placed on the fabric lining and is followed by a rope chain line. With the rope chain in between, the logo rotates between being upside down and right side up. This print won't be present if the lining is leather. 


Check the Authenticity Card and Dust Bag

Authenticity Card

A certificate of authenticity for each Prada bag is contained in a black envelope that has the brand's logo in PRADA word logo. You will find t wo cards in a newer bags. Retailers will keep the traditional printed card and you will receive the card which is similar to credit card that has crucial information about the Prada purchase including the style name, the date and location of purchase, and the serial number. With this card, it's rather simple to verify a bag's authenticity. You may even get in touch with Prada via its website and authenticate the serial number. 


Dust Cover

Prada 1BA227 White Lux Saffiano Leather 2Way Bag, Amaze

Besides, there will be a dust cover contains in every Prada bag when you purchased it. This dust cover is used to protect your bag when you are not using it. It is often either silky or soft flannel and white. A real Prada dust bag has a perfect logo stamp that is sharp, clear, straight, and written correctly. A pre-owned or vintage Prada bag should ideally have the dust bag, authenticity card, and care guidelines. However, it's not a guarantee that the bag is a fake if one of these components is missing. 



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